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Simple Ways To Engage Your Online Audience

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

thedavidadeleke church media reboot

Online services (livestreams) are meant to take the exact in-house experience to the digital space.

As much as you can broadcast the service, you should also be able to engage the audience as though on-site.

Whether you are a Team Lead, Livestream Manager or the Social Media Manager for your church, this is for you.


A simple way to engage your online audience is to start a flowing conversation by dropping a pinned comment, not only as an announcement or showing details for offering and giving.

Use the PINNED COMMENT to start a conversation.

thedavidadeleke church media reboot


LIVE service engagement can be sparked if and when the Pastor relates intentionally with the online audience, welcoming or even giving his sermon in their context.

As a Church Social Media Manager, inform and explain to your Pastor the importance of intentionally relating to the online audience during the service.

thedavidadeleke church media reboot

Inform and explain to your Pastor the importance of intentionally relating with the online audience during the service.


Make use of your Screen Space to create engagements.

Alongside the lyrics, scriptural verses, Minister's names and the next thing on the order of service, you can also create visual graphics with compelling CTA (call to action).

thedavidadeleke church media reboot

Going forward, with these few more tips, I hope you have more engaged LIVE services.


the goal is TO ENGAGE and not TO DISTRACT, so keep it SIMPLE.

"Simple Ways To Engage Your Online Audience"

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My name is David A. Adeleke, a Church Media Consultant and Digital Media and Communication Strategist.

Connect with me on Facebook, I share more on Church Media and Church Media Creatives.

In the meantime, keep spreading the knowledge of the glory of the Lord till it covers the earth as the water covers the sea.

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