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Unleashing the Power of Impactful Church Communication

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Hi. Have you ever wondered why many churches' digital communications are not stable? From Sermon Snippets to favourite quotes, holiday rites and jumping on the next trend... It's just a rollercoaster.

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Having shared with you in the previous POST that church media is a conduit for the church to communicate Kingdom values, now let me show a simple and biblical way to do it in YOUR church.

Different communication forms are like musical instruments in an orchestra. Each has its unique melody, requiring a distinct understanding and attitude.

Whether you're crafting a Facebook post, delivering a sermon, drafting a pamphlet, or creating a digital masterpiece, remember, they each play a different tune that reaches various senses. We need to harness this diversity to our advantage.

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What's the essence?

Now, let's address a fundamental question: What's the essence of our church's digital communication?

It's simple yet profound. We're here to communicate everything that propels the values of God's Kingdom, rooted in the fabric of life and godliness.

Let's hear the scripture out on this, in 2 Corinthians 4:13 (KJV):

"We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak."

This scripture is our compass. It tells us to let the spirit lead, nurture belief, and then let our words flow.

Imagine the Spirit as a guiding beacon, illuminating the truth in your heart through the church. This truth fuels the flames of belief, and when you believe, ah, that's when your communication truly takes flight and impacts people. I personally believe that every church or ministry that has been ordained by God has a core message to the body of Christ and to the world. For your church what is it?

You may need to get some answers from the church leadership.

In fact, it's mostly out for the people to see; what your church, chapel or cathedral is known for. Not only will this knowledge help the operations of the church, but it will also help steer the rudder for the Church Media Team.

And the media? It's like a conduit. But remember, this conduit is most potent when it carries an idea and conviction, spirit-birthed and experientially-believed.

Church media communication becomes impactful when it carries an idea and conviction, spirit-birthed and experientially-believed.

Church Media Masterclass - David A. Adeleke @thedavidadeleke

Here's the key to unlocking impactful communication: Speak what you genuinely believe, not merely echoing the voice of trends.

Your authenticity birthed by the leading of the holy spirit will resonate far and wide, touching lives with the depth of your conviction.

Alright, it's time for some introspection. Scroll through your church's content and social media strategy.

Ask yourself:

1. What's the heartbeat of your content?

2. What's it truly saying, and why?

Remember, just as words aren't chosen randomly, media forms aren't tools to be wielded blindly. Whether it's social media, broadcast, a printed page, or pixels on a screen, let's steer clear of the crowd; let's SPEAK WHAT WE BELIEVE.

Speak what you genuinely believe, not merely echoing the voice of trends.

Extend this message to your friends and fellow Church Communication Personnel. Together, we'll set a new standard for church communication. -------------------------------------------------------------

Was that helpful?

My name is David A. Adeleke, a Church Media Consultant and Digital Media and Communication Strategist.

Connect with me on Facebook, I share more on Church Media and Church Media Creatives.

In the meantime, keep spreading the knowledge of the glory of the Lord till it covers the earth as the water covers the sea.

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