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Tired of spending hours creating church graphics from scratch? Elevate your church's online presence effortlessly with our comprehensive package.
For only $5.99/month (+TAX), you get access to a vast library of professionally designed resources, saving you time and making your ministry communications shine.
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Features & Benefits

  • 100+ Editable Church Social Media Templates: Engage your community with eye-catching social media posts tailored for church events, announcements, and inspiration.

  • Premium Sermon Series Design Templates: Create cohesive and impactful visual presentations to accompany your sermons.

  • Event Graphics Promo: Generate excitement and attendance for your church events with ready-to-customize graphics.

  • Social Graphic Bundle: Quickly produce visually appealing posts for announcements, Bible verses, and more.

  • Prayer and Fasting Promo: Inspire participation in prayer and fasting initiatives with dedicated graphics.

  • Encouraging Verses Bundle: Share the power of Scripture with beautifully designed visual quotes.

  • Easter Graphics Promo: Celebrate the resurrection with stunning graphics for your Easter services and events.

  • Baptism Promo: Commemorate baptisms with elegant graphics and announcements.

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Best Value

Church Media Creative Pro



Every month

All you need!

Pastor Sarah, New Hope Community Church

"This subscription has changed my life! As a pastor, I love creating inspiring visuals, but time is always tight. Church Media Creative Pro has made it so easy. The templates are beautiful, professional, AND they save me hours of work each week. The price is a steal!"

Jenny, Media Team Leader, Riverbend Church

"Our church media used to feel a bit amateur, but Church Media Creative Pro's templates are a game-changer. Everything looks polished and on-brand. The variety is amazing - from sermon graphics to event promos, we're covered. Highly recommend it to any church!"

Brother Mark, Volunteer Coordinator, First Light Ministries

"I'm not the most design-savvy person, but Canva is so user-friendly, and these templates make it a breeze. I can customize things in minutes to fit our church's style. This subscription has boosted my confidence and made our social media look incredible."
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Can’t afford it?
We know what it is like working in a church, we work there too. You never have enough time, money or resources to do everything that is needed.

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