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Top Reasons Why Your Church Should Livestream Audio-only

Church Audio Livestream, @thedavidadeleke, #churchmediareboot

There are many benefits to broadcasting audio-only streams, here are a few of them.

This can help you get started on audio-only streaming or include it in your regular service streams.

  • Accessibility: It can be accessed on a wide range of devices, including basic smartphones. Reaches a broader audience, including those without access to video-capable devices.

Church Audio Livestream, @thedavidadeleke, #churchmediareboot

  • Inclusivity: It allows special individuals with various abilities and limitations to participate in worship. It is almost unnecessary for visually impaired people to ‘watch’ a video live stream.

Church Audio Livestream, @thedavidadeleke, #churchmediareboot

  • Flexibility: Accommodates diverse schedules, allowing worshippers to engage at their convenience. Individuals who may be busy in other time zones can listen as they go about their day.

Church Audio Livestream, @thedavidadeleke, #churchmediareboot

  • Privacy: In the case of a two-way stream, it respects the privacy of worshippers who may be uncomfortable with video streaming. Everyone gets to participate without infringing on their privacy.

Church Audio Livestream, @thedavidadeleke, #churchmediareboot

  • Cost-Effective: Often requires less equipment, resources and technical Creatives compared to video live-streaming. Also on the congregations’ end, it requires less internet bandwidth, making it accessible to those with slower connections.

Church Audio Livestream, @thedavidadeleke, #churchmediareboot

  • Enhanced Concentration: Eliminates visual distractions, and people get to focus on audible spiritual content. It emphasizes the spoken word enhancing the impact of sermons, songs and prayers.

Church Audio Livestream, @thedavidadeleke, #churchmediareboot

Including audio-only live streaming into your church's digital strategy can be the small step ahead you need to take soon. It’s not going back in the days but reaching as much as you can, flexibly and cheaply.

I hope you found this helpful...

Join me on this LIVE SESSION as I go deeper into

  • Setting up your Audio-only livestream

  • Best platform for Audio-only livestream

  • Tips to create an amazing and immersive experience for your listeners

  • Q & A

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My name is David A. Adeleke, a Church Media Consultant and Digital Media and Communication Strategist.

Connect with me on Facebook, I share more on Church Media and Church Media Creatives.

In the meantime, keep spreading the knowledge of the glory of the Lord till it covers the earth as the water covers the sea.

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